2017 ThinkMujer Summit Schedule

Our summit attendees believe it's the most rewarding professional development seminar they attend all year. Including, the Expo & Career Fair.

7:30am - 8:30 am - Registration Check-in & Continental Breakfast.
Coffee & Pastries Provided Courtesy of Revolucion Coffee House.
9:00 am - Welcome & Musical Performance by Danza Azteca, TitlakawaZiwatl
Yesika Arevalo

The teachings of danza Azteca are tied to Pre-Hispanic roots of ancient Mexico and serves to connect the dancer to a universal view of the Anawak culture and the Nawatl philosophy. The Aztec dance discipline arrived in the Northwest in 1995 at Oregon State University and has spread across the Northwest with chapters from Corvallis up through Seattle, Washington. Danzantes from the Cornelius, Salem, and Dayton chapters will be visiting and opening up to the four directions.

Las Jefas Breakfast

Las Jefas means the boss, the ones in charge, the CEO. The women on this panel have launched their own entrepreneurial business ventures with or without help from private investors, supporters or believers. They have managed to bring their ideas to life and offer their products or services to their target market. They have broken into non-traditional male dominated fields and are now leading employees, stakeholders and delivering value for their clients.

Maria Cobarrubias, Attorney-at-Law, Law Offices of Maria Cobarrubias

Maria Cobarrubias founded Law Offices of Maria Cobarrubias specializing in immigration law. Motivated by the loss of her father and growing up in a very poor agricultural community to a single parent of eight, Maria went onto study at Oregon State University and Whittier School of Law. After a successful career in California, Maria moved back to Oregon to venture on her own and help individuals who face similar struggles as Maria once did growing up. Read this article on an immigration panel she served on.

Veronica Jimenez, Veronica’s Salsa Food & Beverage Company

Originally from San Juan de Los Lagos Mexico, Veronica Jimenez is a long time resident of Oregon. A busy mother of three and overseeing eleven employees at her company in Hood River, Oregon, Veronica is a true entrepreneur who loves to experiment with the creation of new meals and salsa recipes for her growing list of clients. Veronica’s Salsa can be found at Fred Meyer & Safeway stores throughout the Columbia Gorge, the Portland Metro area, and Vancouver, Wash. Visit Veronica's Salsa on Facebook and learn more.

10:30am - 11:30am - Professional Growth Workshops

Expanded from last year and at the request of our attendees, the summit will be offering professional development workshops on leadership, Latina entrepreneurship, management skills, communication and marketing.

In order to know where we are going we need to know where we come from: A cross cultural leadership style model.

Presenters: Narce Rodriguez, Dean of Student Development Portland Community College; Dra. Luz Maciel Villarroel, Self-Employed & Retired Higher Education Administrator

In this workshop participants will be able to assess and identify their interpersonal skills and strengths based on their cultural, social and spiritual upbringing. We will explore Pre-Columbian and current cultural leadership models of development and principles of spiritual leadership.

Preparing for success

Presenter: Carmen Castro, Latino Initiative Program Manager, AAA Oregon/Idaho

Skills for Mujeres to grow professionally, define your goals, recognize existing and needed skills to get where you want to go/be. Using effective communication to continue on your journey.

Blueprint for financial success

Presenter: Carmen Cebreros, Agent at New York Life Insurance

Learn the basics of how to build a strong financial foundation, manage debt, build savings and protect yourself against some common risks that can have a big impact on your financial well being.

Your Body, Your Health! Tu Cuerpo, Tu Salud!

Presenter: Vanessa Santana, Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, IFBB Bikini Pro

Learn a modern and forward thinking approach to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. This is NOT a diet, it is a flexible lifestyle! The Mujeres who participate in this workshop are women who want to take control of their emotional and mental health by starting with their bodies and their physical health.

The Spirituality In Your Leadership

Presenter: Veronica Bañuelos, Mediation, Facilitation and Organizational Development Consultant

Spiritual leaders understand and honor the interconnectedness of all people. They acknowledge that the needs for our inner life are just as important as our outer life. This interactive workshop will offer you an opportunity for leadership self-awareness in community. We will talk about the reality of opposing views in our world and how we can remain grounded in positivity through the sacred practice of empathy and listening.

11:30am - 12:30pm - Las Adelitas Luncheon: Leading with courage

Las Adelitas were battlefield heroines of the Mexican Revolution, symbols of motivation and hope, a woman that struggles and fights for her rights. We call the women on this panel, “Las Adelitas” because they are at the helm of their organization, school, institution, program or initiative. They lead from the front in spite of challenging and sometimes hostile and non-inclusive environments. They often find themselves being the only one at the top speaking up for their community, and are using their intelligence and influence in a way that transforms people and their environments for the better.

Andrea Valderrama
Cynthia Carmina Gomez
Patricia Rojas, Executive Director, El Programa Hispano

12:30am - 1:30pm - Professional Growth Workshops, cont'd

1:30pm - 2:15pm - Comadreando Session

The interactive session is designed to be an incredibly powerful and unique part of the summit. It’s a chance for the attendees to connect together, share ideas, ask questions and have a very authentic and meaningful dialogue with other women leaders at their table. This session provides them with lots of great insights into their own leadership style as they continue on their journey. At their tables attendees discuss four main topics: Leadership, Mentorship, Work-life Integration and Self-Care.

3:00pm - Summit Closes

Career & Exhibitor Fair

The summit also includes a career fair featuring exhibitors from local leading companies and organizations looking to recruit exceptional talent and small businesses, including artists, jewelers, arts and crafts, health & wellness vendors to showcase their products or services. Non-profits and service providers looking to do outreach to the Latino community are also invited.